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Learn About 8a Business Development Program and Hire SBA 8a Consultant

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The federal government’s goal is to award at least 5% of all the federal contracting revenue to all the certified small disadvantaged businesses annually. Through Small Business Administration (SBA), business owners in the United States who have faced economic and social disadvantages can enter the 8a Business Development Program.

Through the acquisition of an 8a certification, businesses can enter the program. The program is designed specifically to help small businesses and their owners to overcome challenges that they have experienced. There are several criteria to obtain the 8a certifications but the owners of the firms must be the citizens of the United States to apply.

The 8a Business Development Program is developed to give preferences to the businesses that are certified and working with the federal clients by obtaining federal contracts. In recent years there are almost 6,500 to 10,000 firms. Small entrepreneurs can get into federal contracting by utilizing the advantages. SBA 8a Business Development is a great resource for small business owners to grow their businesses in the federal market.

In order to get into the 8a Business Development program, you need to obtain an 8a certification. For that, you need to understand certain important things which you will get in this blog. You need to understand the 8a development program as a whole. Apart from this, you need to know the benefits of the program to experience the advantages. To get certified you also need to know the eligibility criteria.

In the end, you would need an SBA 8a certification consultant to get proper guidance in the process. So wait no more and start gathering valuable information from this blog. Let’s begin!

Highlights of the 8a business development program

We have decided to highlight some parts which are considered important. These highlights will help the applicants to understand the remarkable aspects of the 8a development program in a few words. So let’s go through the highlights.

  • The small business development program enables eligible businesses to get support from the Small Business Administration (SBA).
  • In the 8a Business Development Program, small businesses get introduced by the SBA to contract with federal agencies directly that are in the need of qualified 8a certified contractors.
  • The 8a-certified businesses get nine years of preference in federal contracting to overcome previous sufferings.
  • The 8a Business Development program consists of two phases. The first phase is the four years of the development stage. The second phase is known as the transitional stage which takes five more years.

Benefits of 8a Business Development Program

There are several benefits a business gets after getting certified. It creates a broad scope of opportunity for businesses that are in a disadvantageous position. We have mentioned some of the benefits.

  • All 8a-certified companies are entitled to receive sole-source government contracts.
  • Each contract is up to a maximum of $4 million for those who are dealing with goods and services.
  • Manufacturing firms get contracts that can reach a maximum of $6.5 million on every contract.
  • 8a certified firms can participate in set-aside contracts. These set-aside contracts are only for 8a-certified contractors. This limits the competition in the bidding field.
  • 8a certified firms get the scope of learning and take part in obtaining larger projects by partnering with other firms.

Eligibility criteria for 8a Development Program

Applicants need to meet certain eligibility criteria to get approval from the SBA. If a firm or a business gets denied by the SBA then the business cannot reapply for a period of one year. Now let’s look at the eligibility criteria that are mentioned below.

  • All the applicants need to have at least 51% of the ownership of their businesses.
  • The owner of the business has to be a citizen of the United States.
  • The business owner has to be socially and economically disadvantaged.
  • All the applicants need to have documented sales in the commercial and public marketplace over the previous two years.
  • According to the guidelines of the SBA, applicants need to be classified as small businesses. The guidelines are associated with the primary line of business or NAICS code.
  • The business owners need to submit a variety of documents and items.
  • The SBA will follow up with clarifying questions of applicants through the process. The concerns are being addressed by the SBA.

The 8a application process is quite lengthy and detailed. Through the online SBA portal, applicants can complete a part of the process. The other part of the application is in the paper form which consists of 300 to 500 pages in length. In order to be eligible applicants must follow a particular protocol to keep the SBA’s review process consistent. Within three months the SBA will complete the reviewing process.

Cost of 8a Business Development Program & consultants

People who are looking forward to opt for the 8a Business Development Program often ask how much it costs to get an 8a certification. The right answer is that there is no fee payable to the SBA either before or after the 8a certification.

However, if you are willing to hire a consultant for 8a certification then it may cost something. The 8a certification consultants’ cost varies depending on their experience and services. You can get valid information by searching online and going through the SBA 8a certification consultants' websites.

Make sure to ask for the SBA 8a consultant’s cost and the services before you hire a consultant for your business. A little bit of research can get you a clear about the cost.

How do SBA 8a Consultants help businesses?

As you have got to know everything about the 8a certification, 8a Business Development Program, eligibility criteria, beneficial factors, and the SBA 8a consultants’ cost, now it is time to discuss the SBA 8a consultants. So let’s get straight to the discussion.

Hiring a professional consultant can help business owners to get guidance in the process of obtaining 8a certification. For socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses it is challenging to meet the statutory requirements and convince the SBA that their businesses are worthy enough to get into the 8a program.

Since the applicants are not familiar with all the important aspects of in-depth and detailed analysis that SBA conducts, business owners find out that the application process is not as simple as they expected. The consultants help the applicants to go through the process of obtaining the certification in the right way. These SBA 8a consultants provide high-level guidance to businesses. It helps the applicants or business owners to increase the chance of getting SBA certified on the first try.

These consultants have their hands on legal and substantive issues both at the application and appeal stages on a daily basis. The SBA 8a certification consultants assist applicants with the right recommendations to get 8a status by developing 8a application packages that concentrate on what the SBA looks for. Most of these consultants have a wide range of services which includes helping with legal issues. Some of the common services that focus on the 8a certification process and after getting certified are mentioned below:

  • Business ownerships and relationship matters.
  • Social and economic narratives.
  • Net-worth issues.
  • Affiliation and subcontracting rules matter.
  • Ability to succeed in the 8a Business Development Program.
  • Assistance in SBA business plan.
  • 8a certification help with the request for reconsideration.
  • Compliance with 8a business development requirements.
  • 8a program small business fraud.
  • Service contract act and claims matters.
  • Native American 8a contracting.
  • Issues with contractors teaming agreements and potential problems.
  • 8a sole source and 8a set-aside contracts matter.
  • Joint ventures and agreements.
  • Termination from the 8a program.
  • 8a eligibility determination and consultation.
  • Strategic planning for the 8a program and many more…

Make sure to choose a consultant that has the services which you require. Also, research the particular consultant and check if the consultant has the right solution or not. Remember, if you get the wrong guidance then you will not be able to obtain the 8a certification. You may also face problems in the 8a program for choosing a consultant that gives wrong recommendations to their clients.

Things you need to check before hiring a consultant?

Many 8a consulting firms across the United States promise their clients that they can assist in such a way that the clients will be able to obtain 8a certification the first time itself. However, that is not completely true, because there are consulting firms that fail to keep their promises so be aware of such consultants to stay out of trouble. Do research on the consultants who have positive past records with vast experience in handling numerous clients. Don’t forget to check their reviews and go through their official website to measure their capabilities. Check if they have any legit experience in dealing with complex issues during the application stages.


As you have got to know almost everything about the 8a program and the certification process, now it is time for you to take a step forward. All the valuable information has been given which can help the readers to understand the concept with clarity.