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In order to enter the government market as a business, it is necessary to understand the rules and regulations as well as the legal government processes. These procedures also hold certain aspects of the fundamentals of government marketing, engagement in federal network and obtaining some particular legal certifications such as 8a certification or SBA and VA certifications.

A market where federal, state and local governmental organizations are the main buyers is considered to be the government market. They purchase different sorts of goods and services from private companies. Only government-funded institutions are included in the government market. The government organizations make purchases to perform direct governmental functions. In this particular market the government institutes turn out to be consumers which consists of federal, state and local government units.  The purchases happen at a large scale each year which are mainly focused on the development of their own country.

Marketing techniques that are well designed for the federal government will increase the chances to win businesses. In any sector, marketing is required more or less. Although in private sector marketing is a major concern. Still it is important to create a government-focused marketing plan for sustainability.

Governmentmarketing.com is a site where businesses can go through systematic procedures and governmental development programs with legal certifications like 8a certifications and VA certifications etc. to increase their credibility in the government market.

Characteristics of Government institutes

Certain characteristics of the government institutes are present while making a purchase from the market. The government organizations follow specific procurement process to make a purchase by placing public bids and requests.  The organization choose the lowest bid from several options. Other factors that works such as, reputation of a company, quality of goods and services and many more. Government institutes need to show their purchase decisions to the public and that is why they strictly monitor the contracts. Often the sales cycles are long and B2B sales cycles. Choosing and accepting bids takes quite a few months. Government institutes also favors certain types of sellers in the market. For example, the government institutes rely on buying from domestic companies rather than foreign companies, they also support small businesses for the welfare of the country’s economy. Government market seems less complicated to work in it as there are minor roles of marketing. There is no need for too many frequent marketing activities or strategies to build a brand awareness in the government market.

Understanding 8(a) certification

First of all, SBA stands for Small Business Association of the United States government. It is an ownership and diversity certification. This SBA certification also known as SBA 8a certification is sponsored by the small business association in the United States. In order to obtain the certificate, applying to the SBA 8a application is mandatory. The 8a business development program is a nine-year business program. The development program provides business training, counseling, marketing and technical assistance to the small businesses in the United States of America which is certified. The first four years of the 8a business development program consists of developmental stages and the last five years are called transition stage. The main goal of getting into this program is to have 8(a) firms graduates to work in the business environment. The SBA 8a certification is designed for the organizations that are owned at least 51% by economically and socially disadvantaged individuals. Some factors which helps to evaluate the disadvantaged individuals such as, race, ethnic origin, gender, physical handicap, long-term residency in isolated environment away from American society and many other factors.

Certification to SBA 8(a) program requires the submission of SBA 8a application electronically or paper-based. This will take an individual through a systematic process of learning and understanding in the 8a business development program.

Role of governmentmarking.com

The federal government of the United States of America uses many methodologies for procurement of goods and services from the small businesses. The bids are highly competitive and different contracts are tough to obtain. The site governmentmarketing.com assess a firm’s capabilities and credentials to match with the existing opportunities in the federal market. During this process, they seek for certifications which can be good match for the firms and production of federal revenue. They are experienced and have been working in this segment which makes them eligible to give insights into the businesses.  

There are two macro markets in the federal space and a firm can get into either prime contract or subcontracting opportunities. According to them, both of these segments should be analyzed in the very first step in any federal marketing strategy. They are with the firms to show the correct path of marketing strategy. They also cover the aspects of federal networking. With experience the site suggests the clients to network with 1 to 3 federal agencies which leads to many more contracting opportunities.

Certifications helps to obtain contracting opportunities and to gain different kinds of aids to the firms from the government. That is why they recommend firms that can obtain SBA certification and VA certification with great potential to reduce the marketing effort and get multiple government contracts. For that reason, applying to the SBA 8a application is required.

You will find 8a certification consultants from the site who will help your firm to get into activities.

Understanding 8(a) program for businesses

The 8a certification will be gained after the successful completion of 8a business development program. In order to start this journey, there are 8a certification consultants who can help new small businesses and applying to the SBA 8(a) application is necessary to begin with.

The 8(a) business development program is a robust nine-year program which has been developed to help the firms owned and controlled by economically and socially disadvantaged individuals. Small businesses who all participate in this program goes through a thorough process of training and technical assistance which is designed mainly to strengthen their ability to compete and sustain the competitive American economy. By providing various forms of management, technical, financial and procurement assessment the development of small businesses gets accomplished. Once the participants of 8(a) program gets certified, they are considered to be eligible to receive federal contracting preferences and receive technical and training assistance that is designed to strengthen their ability to compete effectively. Consulting with 8(a) consultants can make the path of achieving certification more clear.

Benefits of 8(a) certification

There are some major beneficial factors for obtaining 8(a) certification which are remarkable.

  • Sole sourcing – Sole source is a type of contract which means purchasing agencies that do not have to put service or product out to bid. This only includes the contracts that are up to $4 million for goods and services and $6.5 for manufacturing. Sole source contracts can only be done for the firms that hold 8(a) status. This allows the 8(a) firms to be competitive in the government market.
  • Limited competition – Limiting the field of competition for bidding on federal contracts requires 8(a) certification.
  • Cuts through federal bureaucracy – The 8(a) firms are benefitted with the reduction of time requires to achieve the first federal sale. The SBA sends letter of introduction to the 8(a) firms which helps to make initial sale.
  • Big contracts – Contracts which 8(a) firms receives are huge from the small business standpoint. These contracts get accomplished by teaming with other partners.
  • Better pricing – There are limited number of 8(a) firms. These 8(a) firms receive better pricing than non 8(a) small businesses.
  • Rapid growth – There are high chances of growing 8(a) businesses than others.
  • GSA schedule effectiveness – The 8(a) certification increases the effectiveness of GSA schedule.
  • FEMA contracts – When a national disaster takes place, the 8(a) firms are equipped better than the other businesses and that is why they are awarded with the contracts.

Apply To SBA 8(a) application

As it is pretty much clear about the concepts of 8(a) certification and the 8(a) business development program. Wait no more if you own a business and you are will to work in the government market. Consult with 8(a) certification consultants and apply to SBA 8a application. Visit governmentmarketing.com and begin your journey.

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