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Register Your Business with the U.S. Government to Generate Federal Sales

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We all know that registering a business is mandatory to make a company a legal entity in the market. So, it is also important to register a business with the government for doing business in the federal marketplace. An unofficial federal contractor or commercial company will not be recognized properly and will not be preferred much by the federal agencies to procure goods and services. Thus, business registration is a necessity for every company that aims to take a position in the federal market.

Registering your business with U.S. federal government will help you to obtain government contracts and gain a competitive advantage in the federal market. The government of the United States has designed several developmental programs for businesses that are struggling to become successful. These are known as contracting vehicles. So, to take part in such programs, businesses need to obtain certification. Even before that, businesses need to be registered with the federal government to be a participant in such programs.

We understand that starting a business is not so easy, especially when it comes to the administrative and legal processes. Depending on the nature of your business, you need to register with your state and federal governments. If your business gets registered then it will gain a distinct legal entity. After registration you can pay taxes and your business will be legally recognized. Your business can also gain federal sales marketing advantages in the federal market. You can get more benefits such as legal security and stability. For all these important factors registering a business with the U.S. federal government is highly recommended. One additional tip, you also need to build a federal government sales strategy after registering your business.

You can understand by reading the subject of this blog that we are here to talk about the importance of registering the business with the U.S. federal government. Now it is time to get into the discussion.                                                                         

Find Out If You Need To Register Your Business with the Federal Government

The very first thing that you need to do is to find out whether you need to register your business with the federal government or not for generating federal sales. Your business structure and location will determine how you will register your business. In some cases, you don’t need to register your business at all. If you are conducting business as yourself then there is no need to register your business. Remember, if you don’t get your business registered then you can miss out on getting personal liability protection, tax benefits, and other legal benefits.

We have given a list below that covers the common factors. You will be able to determine whether you need to register your business or not after reading this section of the blog.

Business Structure

There are several types of business structures. Sole proprietorships, corporations, LLCs, and partnerships are the most common types of entities. Businesses with sole proprietorships under their legal names are not required to register with the federal government. So it is important to know which type of entity requires registering business with the federal government to obtain federal contracts.


If you have employees or you are planning to hire employees then you need to have an EIN to operate your business legally. EIN means Employer Identification Number. Only IRS and EIN allow businesses to hire employees, open bank account for business, and pay federal taxes.

Organizational Involvement

Businesses that collaborate or associate with estates, trusts, non-profit organizations, real estate mortgage investment conduits, farmers’ cooperatives, and administrators need an EIN number. So in simple words, if your business has the aim to collaborate or associate with any other organization or entity then having an EIN is a must.

Now you can determine if you need to register your business or not for generating federal sales.

Register Your Business with Agencies of the Government

Depending on the type of entity that your business is, you need to register your business with a category of agency of the government. There are three types of agencies of the U.S. government and these are:

  • Federal agencies
  • State agencies
  • Local agencies

Register Your Business with Federal Agencies

Some businesses do not register with the federal government to become a legal entity other than filing to get a federal tax ID. To get trademark protection or tax-exempt protection small businesses often register with the federal government. File with the United States Patent and Trademark Office after forming your business to trademark your business, brand, or product name. Register your business as a tax-exempt entity with the IRS if you want tax-exempt status for a non-profit corporation.

Register Your Business with State Agencies

You may need to register with the state government if your business is an LLC, corporation, partnership, or non-profit organization. You are considered to be conducting business in a state when there are certain factors involved in your business and these are:

  • When your business has a physical presence in the state.
  • If you often have in-person meetings with clients in the state.
  • If your company generates significant revenue from the state.
  • If your employees work in that particular state.

If your entity conducts business activities in multiple states then you may need to form your business for a single state and then file for a foreign qualification in other states where your business is active.

The cost to register your business varies depending on your state and business structure.

Register Your Business with Local Agencies

To form a business usually, it is not necessary to register with the local governments. You may need to file for licenses and permits from the city or county if your business is an LLC, corporation, partnership, or non-profit corporation. Visit local government websites to find out the required things that you need to do.

Once you have registered your business know about federal sales marketing which will help your business to get federal sales from the federal marketplace.

Benefits of Registering a Business

There are some general benefits of registering a business. It does not matter whether the company is aiming to do business in the private sector or public sector, registering your business can get you certain facilities and advantages. The SBA can help you in choosing the right business registration. So let’s look at some of the benefits of registering a business with the federal, state, or local government.

Establishing Business Bank Accounts

In order to open a bank account for your business, you need to prove that your business is a legally registered business with the state. You can get the guide from SBA for opening a business bank account. If you open a business bank account then you can separate your personal activities and revenue from your business activities and revenue. Thus, the business bank account is considered an important asset. To appear professional, you should give your business name for payment to your clients.

Getting Loans for Your Business

Yes, we are not talking about personal loans; instead, we are talking about loans for your business. You need to prove that you have a legal entity when you will apply for getting business loans. Before approving you for a loan, investors and financial institutes will ask to see your business registration along with other essential application requirements. It is because, lenders, investors, or financial institutes do not want to risk their money on businesses that do not have any legal approval or entity. It can be risky because businesses without loans may not pay back after getting monetary help.

Taxes & Liability

You will be able to pay taxes to the government. Now you may wonder, how does it benefit your business? Well, if your business pays taxes then it will be recognized by the government. It is because by paying taxes businesses are contributing to the economy of a country for growth. It serves as a support for the government. In return, you get benefits and numerous opportunities on tax and legal factors. Paying taxes to the government also symbolizes a high level of status. It also ensures that employees are covered under adequate insurance. There are also various kinds of tax benefits which you can avail for your business.

Reputation with Customers

If you are willing to do business in the federal market then your customers would be the federal agencies or government organizations. If your business is registered then the customers will trust your business more. Your prospective clients need assurance that your business is a legal entity and it is not fake. So that is why registering a business is also important for building a reputation. It will help you to obtain government contracts and generate federal sales.

Supplier Arrangements

Once your business gets registered then your entity becomes eligible for getting discounts on supplies. If you can show official paperwork from the state then suppliers will reserve wholesale rates for your business. Even if you want to obtain government contracts then registering your business is required.

Hiring Employees

You can hire full-time employees and pay them according to state laws if your business is registered. You will get a SIN that allows businesses to route state taxes on the employee’s behalf.

Federal Contracting Opportunities

As we have already said, if you get your business registered then you will be able to obtain government contracts. The government wants to give contracting opportunities to those entities that are registered with the U.S. government. Therefore, you need to register your business for getting government contracting opportunities and generating federal sales. Make sure to grab most of the opportunities by creating a successful federal government sales strategy.

Government Contracting Vehicles

The government of the United States has designed special developmental programs to support businesses that are struggling to make a place in the federal market. The contracting vehicles also help the government to procure goods and services at the best price with assurance. It also becomes easy for federal contractors and commercial companies to acquire government contracts. Thus, consider getting your business registered for getting into a program that serves as a government contracting vehicle.


Now you know why do businesses need to register with the U.S. federal government. It is time for you to register your business and get legal recognition from the U.S. government and generate federal sales. Also, know about federal sales marketing to enhance your business from different aspects.

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