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Top Questions on Government Market and Marketing Strategy

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You must have an interest in doing business in the federal market. Or you must have already entered the market and you are exploring. From these two cases, if anyone is applicable to you then search no further because you have come to the right place. You will get to know everything about the government market and the government marketing strategy in the most simplified way.

It is crucial to understand the federal market and know all the marketing techniques because without these you cannot take a position in the market and compete with your competitors. The more you know about the subject the better it is for you.

We have jotted down the questions and valid information related to the government market and government marketing strategy. These queries are highly searched on the internet which is why we have decided to put them down in one single place. People keep browsing and it is difficult to get all the answers from a single blog or online article. We have decided to make your task easier. Now researching on government market will not be a hectic thing to do, instead, you can just read this blog whenever you will require.

So let’s read further and get answers to your queries.


What is Government Marketing?

You may have heard of marketing in the private sector and for commercial companies. Have you ever heard of marketing in the federal market? Probably not! But there is a role of government marketing. The marketing tactics and strategies are quite different in the public sector. It is because marketing does not play much of a role, rather rules and regulations are the key aspect of getting into federal contracting. However, you cannot neglect the importance of government marketing, as it will increase the visibility of your company. There are companies that help federal contractors and commercial businesses to do business in the government market. The U.S. government plays a huge role in ensuring balance and fairness in the marketplace. The term ‘government marketing’ academically refers to the combination of marketing to the government buyers by a company or federal contractor and also marketing by the government to its citizens. The government marketing companies basically help these contractors and businesses to get into programs and obtain government contracts. Some sellers working in the federal market may not keep any budget for marketing. There is no need for frequent marketing activities and robust marketing strategies for government agencies. Marketing will always keep a business ahead of competitors. Just like any other marketing plan, a government marketing plan also contains strategies to obtain federal contracts.


What Does the Government Market Mean?

A government market is also known as a federal market. This market belongs to the public sector. In the government market, the main buyers are the federal, state, and local governmental organizations. The government organizations are also known as federal agencies. So these government organizations purchase goods and services from the private companies or we can say companies that are in the private sector. Federal contractors also deal with the federal agencies in the government market.


How is the Government Market in the United States?

The government market of the United States has certain characteristics. More or less all the government markets have similar traits to some extent. The government market of the United States is pretty much stable and not volatile. Throughout the year the government makes positive contributions and changes which benefit the market. The U.S. government market contains federal agencies that are known to be the largest buyers in the world.

The U.S government market has a specific procurement process. The government monitors strictly and prefers certain sellers or federal contractors. The U.S. government has developed programs for contractors and companies who want to do business in the federal market. There is also a minor role of government marketing which we will discuss later in this blog.


Understand the Procurement Process of the U.S. Government

The procurement and acquisition process of the federal government of the United States involves a few common stages. Government organizations go through the certain contracting vehicle to procure suitable goods and services.

In simple words, the procurement and acquisition process involves government agencies identifying the goods and services according to the requirement. It also involves determining the appropriate method and contracting vehicle for purchasing these items and carrying out the acquisitions. The programs help federal contractors to sell their products and services and also help federal agencies buy from the companies or contractors. The federal government programs are only meant for those companies and contractors who are willing to do business in the federal market. These programs are also called contracting vehicles because they are developed to support businesses and contractors to grow and compete in the market. It also simplifies the procurement process for federal agencies. The companies or federal contractors also go through a bidding process and the best and lowest bid gets selected.


Why do Businesses Choose the Federal Market?

The federal market is considered to be stable and less volatile. The companies also prefer doing business in the government market because of various kinds of advantages. Some businesses struggle to grow which is why the government supports such companies by developing different types of programs for obtaining government contracts. Business owners who are in a disadvantageous position get an ample amount of support. The government has set rules and regulations that establish fair competition among federal contractors. Companies are able to get into long-term contracts with federal agencies. Due to all these reasons, businesses choose the federal market. 


Example of Government Market

Suppose a federal agency wants to procure goods and services. A small business is struggling to obtain government contracts. The government agency checks out the eligibility and past records of the business. The agency figures out that the company has met all the criteria. The company also joined a federal contracting program. The government agency prefers going through the contracting vehicle because from there the agency can get the best price along with assurance. Later the company goes through the bidding process and proposes the lowest and best bid. Thus, the federal contractor or company gets the contracting opportunity. The agency agreed on buying goods or services from that particular company because it has all the suitable services and goods that the federal agency was looking for.

Now, the federal contractor or company gets a long-term contract. At first, the contract was for 5 years later the company applied for extending the contract and end up covering 20 years.


How to Market to a Government Agency?

The approach of marketing to government agencies is different from marketing to a private sector company. This type of marketing must follow all the rules and regulations of the government. The best way to market nowadays is by placing your goods and services in the directories of the official government website. In this way, you can showcase your products and services as well as you can increase your brand/company visibility. Companies can also partner with other federal contractors and companies to increase their rankings in the market and grab more federal contracting opportunities. The main purpose of government marketing in business is to increase visibility and showcase all the capabilities or potential and experience. The target audience in the government market is the federal agencies and so you need to be convincing enough to obtain contracts. Practically speaking, do all the things which help to get more federal contracting opportunities and showcase all the necessary steps that you have taken. You need to also show your experience which will validate that you are eligible and capable of handling government projects. There are several government marketing companies, you can contact them and get their guidance to move forward in a systematic way.


What are the Easiest Government Contracts to Acquire?

There are a lot of contracts that you can acquire but not all of them are easy to obtain. You can start doing business by obtaining easy contracts in the federal market. We have given a list of government contracts that are easy to acquire.

  • Service contracts
  • Construction-related contracts
  • Information Technology contracts
  • Research and development contracts
  • Medical services, pharmaceuticals, and biologics related contracts

We recommend you go through all the categories and find out the best-suited one for your business.


What is Government Market Research?

The government market research is conducted by both parties. The government organization conducts research as well as the federal contractors. The government agencies conduct market research and trend analysis to determine the best practice for acquisition planning. On the other hand, commercial organizations conduct market research to position themselves to bid on those contracts. Market research has a great impact on government planning and the procurement process.



We have tried to cover all the queries related to the government market and government marketing. So, go through all the information thoroughly to understand the whole concept of the subject matter. Good luck to all the people who are willing to get into government contracting and reach success.

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