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Role Of Government Marketing in The Procurement Process

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The term ‘marketing’ is common among different industries but its meaning in the government sector is distinct from the public sector. The process of marketing and its approach change if companies are targeting government agencies or government institutes. In the government market, there are a small and limited number of customers and that’s why government marketing requires a different sort of planning and approach. In the government world, most of the marketing plans involve targeting internal customers within the agencies. The businesses align solutions with the government’s needs and requirements.

The government marketing definition says that the marketing methods influence the government market and government agencies/institutions with goods and services by offering perfect solutions. Here, the consumers are federal, state, and local governments. The marketing plans are developed specifically to obtain government contracts.

Government procurement is a process of purchasing or acquiring goods and services by government agencies from eligible businesses. There are formal processes in which government agencies issues bid proposals and seek responses from multiple companies. Government procurement is a huge business in the United States of America.

Reaching this procurement process requires certifications, legal criteria, and government marketing strategy. Businesses that are capable of obtaining government contracts are sustainable in this sector.

Know about contract management firms

Government contract management firms help businesses to grow with their placement ideas and guidance in the government sector. These contract management firms are nationally recognized and they provide services to obtain contracts from the government agencies. They serve as a link between solution providers and government buyers. Their superior services and advanced technologies improve government productivity, performance, and financial supervision. The contract management firms bring contract succession to the businesses by simplifying the processes and creating targeted streamlined and positive connections between sellers and contractors.

The consultants and advisors present in the contract management firms are important to understand proper procedures and the rules that are associated with them. Apart from legal criteria and other terms and conditions, government marketing plays a vital role to emphasize the presence of a business. The ways of showcasing the capabilities and eligibility certifications also partially fall into the government marketing strategy to spread awareness. The contract management firms help companies with the federal contract bidding process and contract management system. As a result, companies get better planning ideations to capitalize themselves by selling goods and services.

Discussion on Government marketing ideas for procurement

Before marketing to the federal government, making preparations is a must for all the businesses that are focusing to go through the government procurement process. It takes a well-developed government marketing strategy and knowledge to win business.

In the very beginning, know the government customers. Target the government agencies that need what your business does. Examine the targeted agency’s long-term plan to understand the priorities. Consider selecting top agencies who can procure the goods and services, and understand their needs and buying process.

There are three types of government customers in the market and they are procurers, influencers, and end-users. Procurers include contracting specialists and officers. They help to choose which products or services are the best matches. The contracting officers and specialists are the key customers as they influence projects managers/end users. The program managers and decision-makers generate contracting requirements and are responsible for carrying out executions. End users only focus on the quickest way to get contractors. Often they have input in selecting contractors.

Despite all the procedures, buying decision is the conclusion. Finding the right decision-makers can make the process much easier. Find the decision-makers and get into a discussion with them with the help of networking ideas and by making appointments.

Hiring an experienced government marketing executive can make the tasks less complicated. They know the way around targeted agencies.

Contracting officers cannot select a business if they are not aware of it. That is why building brand awareness, as well as the relationship, is an important part to get through the process. Emphasize the benefits and market these pros and offers to the contracting officers, program managers, and end-users. The benefits must cover three major sections and these are ease of ordering, pricing benefits, and control of solutions. Creating an online presence which is government-focused is also considered to be a step for moving forward with the plan.

There is no one-liner government marketing definition that explains a particular idea or method. There are multiple areas where a business can focus to develop a good government marketing strategy. All of these tasks are a part of government marketing to get through the procurement.

Factors that government procurement seeks in a company

Businesses must submit their work proposal, and the government examines the competency in many areas. The procurement process has a bidding system and the business that offers the lowest bid gets the contracts. Government procurement looks for,

  • Adequacy of knowledge, resources, staff, and operational abilities.
  • Ability to comply with production and delivery schedules
  • Excellent performance record and reputation
  • Access to required equipment and facilities
  • Legal eligibility

Gradually government is getting into more detailed analysis to filter out the unnecessary companies and acquire the best deals. Government marketing strategy must have all these positive sides included to showcase the positive results of these factors.

Understanding how marketing is related to the procurement process

We understand that government marketing is different from commercial marketing and advertising. It is so because the government is subject to the laws and rules. There are legal and safe procedures that are developed to make wise and unbiased decisions. Under such circumstances, marketing goods and services are still possible but the approach is much more formal and less flexible. Marketing to the federal government means showcasing the strengths, the pros, and the eligible certifications assuring the government to make purchasing decisions for the development of the nation. Here records, metrics, and various legal certifications serve as the tools which need to be marketed to get through the procurement process and obtain government contracts. It is important to remember that government favors specific businesses and falling under those categories is necessary. The marketing plan is a cluster of multiple operations on different segments.


It is possible to acquire government contracts by reaching the required criteria and implementing a government marketing strategy. Although to perform these tasks expertise is necessary for vast knowledge and experience. It is best to go through a systematic process as it will be easier to manage all the areas without can confusion. Government contract management firms come on the scene to help businesses to sell goods and services successfully. Selling to the federal government is a transparent process.

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